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Leon's Custom Meat Cutting

Leon's Custom Meat Cutting offers CUSTOM CUTTING and WRAPPING of animal meat in the Riverside, CA area. We provide professional and quality work personalized for your needs.

Butcher Service  - Glen Avon, CA - Leon's Custom Meat Cutting

Learn More About Leon's Custom Meat Cutting:

  • Slaughtering / butcher service to your home
  • American and Hispanic cuts
  • We sell full, half, and quarter beef
  • Choose from organic or grain feed beef
  • BBQ pigs
  • Dry aging of meat
  • Slaughtering and smoking
  • 12 flavors of sausage -; regular, ranch (jimmy dean), sweet Italian, hot Italian, Italian onion and pepper, chorizo, basil, sage, German, polish, maple, Cajun

Contact Sandy today at 951-685-5208 for more information.

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Leon's Custom Meat Cutting Riverside CA
Leon's Custom Meat Cutting
Riverside CA

Hours of Business:
Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm
24 hour drop-off for hunters.